SMS provides sustainable solutions with experienced partners and broad network to by developing & implementing services, and expansion of international market strategy, coordinating and managing of restructuring, arrange working groups and events, project management, monitoring and reporting . Our network reaches up to grain producers, millers, ingredients firms, logistic, machinery, technology, lab companies, research institutions, universities, public and private sector based NGOs.

Our experience also extends to the development of effective organizational frameworks to enable monitoring and the strategic management of the economic development. Assisted policy makers and executives for the development and strengthening of government and private sector institutions, performed due diligence and the promotion of economic policies and sectoral framework through the provision of advanced quantitative analysis, the design of statistical databases, developing training programs, and restructuring advice. taken responsibility for organizing conferences and seminers for sectoral gathering and participated the meetings and platforms that are the effective dialogue mechanisms between government, traders and international partners.

Create decision making process in business consulting both in public and private sectors and key player in this respect.  Review and develop new implementations strategies with respect to the sectoral policies for several sectors and follow up macroeconomic and financial strategies  and try to improve the investment environment both domestic and foreign investors. Devote to promote the sectoral policies not only to business community, but also civil society organizations, NGOs and to advice business consulting, sectoral&financial analysis, and industry policy formulations.

Give advise for communication/media relations/digital platforms and promotions.  Prepare succinct reports and minutes of discussions and extensive experience in reporting. Professional on event management and international congress&exhibition&opening ceremony, including high level invitation.